In the anticipation of the upcoming Malaysia International Conference on Foreign Languages (MICFL 2018), Department of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication, UPM is pleased to announce our keynote speakers.

Prof. John Hajek

Prof. John Hajek is Director of the Research Unit for Multilingualism and Cross-Cultural Communication (RUMACCC), Professor of Italian Studies at the University of Melbourne and founding and past President of the Language and Culture Network for Australian Universities (LCNAU). A linguist with extensive research expertise in European and Asian languages, he is also a very experienced language teacher (European and Asian). He has also been active for many years in the promotion of language learning in families, schools, and universities.

Prof. Leslie Barratt

Leslie Barratt is Professor Emerita of Linguistic at Indiana State University and Professor of Graduate School at Rajabhat Roi Et University. Dr. Barratt studied Russian in high school and learned Flemish as an exchange student in Belgium. College linguistics classes motivated graduate study at the University of Winsconsin-Madison and The University of Iowa, where she earned her Ph.D. Dr. Barratt spent two sabbaticals as a Senior Fulbright Lecturer in Hungary (1987-1988) and China (1995-1996) and has presented or conducted workshops in many other countries. Her research spans areas from language change to variation, including World Englishes, SLA, and multilingualism.

Prof. David Gil

Department of Linguistics and Cultural Evolution
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary
Deutscher PlaE 6, D-04103 Leipzig